In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s a radical community arts movement spread throughout the UK. Based on the belief that everyone had a right to creative and cultural expression, community artists campaigned for funding and support, something they thought was excluded to the majority at that time. The community arts movement generated a huge amount of artistic and creative activity and influenced changes in cultural and social policy. Yet we are in danger of forgetting this work as practitioners and policy makers age and artefacts and archives remain scattered. The significance of this lies not only in a lost history but also in a lack of understanding of the trajectory of much creative and artistic practice today. This research involves listening to the voices of that time in an effort to understand these activities, their rationale and impact; to discover how those activities may have influenced contemporary participatory arts practices across a range of locations from community settings to arts and education programmes in theatres, museums and other public venues.

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  1. Im excited about the research and look forward to learning of the history and significance of the community arts movement during 1960s/70s

  2. Arthur Stafford says:

    Gerri, great seeing you in Manchester on Tuesday, are you still looking for contributions or feedback -I go back to Lincoln Community Arts, Remould, various communities plays from the late 80’s through to end of 20th Century (that sounds a long time) including teaching arts in the community students at Lincoln, Leicester and Warwick.

    • gerrimoriarty1virginmediacom says:

      Arthur, very late responding to you as hadn’t been able to monitor comments. We’re not looking for more contributions, but i’m posting this as other people may want to get in touch with you about all the work you’ve been doing! All best


  3. You might like to check out and possibly link to my brief critique of the Uncommon Ground symposium: http://metaceptive.net/uncommon-ground-crumbled/

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